Robert Kuok – Richest Man in Malaysia

The name Robert Kuok has been synonymous with sugar for decades. In fact, so renowned is he with this industry that he is being conferred the unofficial title of ‘Sugar King’ not only for Malaysia but in Asia as well. It was reported that Kuok had once produced and supplied up to 80% of the total sugar for Malaysia and 10% of the world’s sugar supply. That is a daunting figure by any means as the consumption of sugar is one of the highest among other daily needs.

Robert Kuok has been married twice where he has 8 children. He went to school at Raffles College where he was born to a commodities trader. Despite his wealth and stature as the richest man in Malaysia, he is very much a hands-on person who still very much is involved in the running of the Kuok Foundation. When he went to school, he was a schoolmate with Lee Kuan Yew, perhaps the most illustrious Prime Minister of Singapore.

Robert Kuok and his brothers founded Kuok Brothers Sdn Bhd and his end-to-end master of sugar supply in Malaysia saw him rising through the ranks. It was during the post independence years that he cultivated his business that expanded to the likes of London and other countries. Not one who would rest on his laurels, Robert Kuok then expanded into other sectors and following his success in the sugar business, he would emulate his style and vision to another commodity and this time he ventured into flour. This is where he would build the largest flour mill in the country and became a major player in the corporate industry. An opportunist in every business venture he was in, he spotted opportunities both within and outside Malaysia and worked with partners and governments to establish businesses in many countries that include Fiji, Singapore, Australia and China. Today, Robert Kuok’s business span across various sectors that include his ownership in Shang-ri La Hotels, the Kerry Group and others which encompasses hospitality, animal feed, trading and others.


Top 10 Reasons to Migrate to EDI Managed Services in 2018

With the stroke of the clock at 12.00 midnight on 31st December 2017, we bid goodbye to the year 2017 and welcomed the year 2018. New Year; new things, organizations that have not migrated to EDI Managed Services are missing out on the benefits of such migration.

Here are the top 10 reasons why your organization should immediately join other organizations and reap the benefits of a successful integration to EDI Managed Services.

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How To Take Your Business To The Top With 7 Tips

Turning into successful entrepreneurs don’t happen overnight or by accident. There are certain traits in a person that helps you get to the top if you are new to a business or trying to bear your active business.

Here are some ideas on how to take your business to the next level:

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Successful Tips Business Owners Should Learn From IKEA

IKEA’s history goes back more than 60 years. The founding father of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, is worth $78.1 billion today. Even though he is so rich it’s rumored that he still buys second-hand clothes which may be true as he grew up in impoverishment. However, he’s developed a way to display and showcase products that bring a better consumer experience. IKEA reportedly has a technique for selling their products, services, and goods in a way that offers the consumer a great experience, and this is a method that other businesses should implement by incorporating this in their sales plans. Business owners will increase their revenue if they follow these tips.

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Successful Business – Top Reasons

1) Direction.
Every startup needs a leader with a vision. During the difficult times, the CEO needs a clear idea of the end mission and how the company needs to get there. A good business leader keeps the long-term in mind, while dealing with the immediate needs of a new company.

2) Speed to market.
You can’t be second when it comes to startups. Especially with the rate of technology development, the faster a startup can produce its service or product, the better chance it has in delivering to customers. Young businesses have to compete with established industries. One of the reasons businesses succeed is that they reach consumers first.

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Top 8 Online Side Hustle Ideas To Generate Extra Cash Every Month

Generating an extra $500 to $1000 a month may seem impossible right now. But in this article, I’m going to show you different online side hustle ideas that have the potential to be highly profitable. Let’s begin!

1. Blogging

You may not see an immediate ROI or return on investment on blogging, but the good thing is it’s pretty much passive income when you start getting some traction. The sky’s pretty much the limit when you think of the income you’ll get when your blog gets a good amount of traffic from search engines and social media!

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7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Route Optimizing Software

Businesses dealing with logistics and supply have to consider numerous factors such as driver availability, vehicle availability, weight limits, traffic conditions, dispatch times, and lot’s more while planning routes. The route should also be planned in such a way that there is minimum retracing of the same routes. It can be difficult to manually consolidate all these factors and design the best route. Secondly, the details keep changing in real-time, so it is nearly impossible to keep track of the changes and still ensure that the route is optimized.

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Seven Key Formula for Winning Cost Proposals

In a highly-competitive environment with tight budget constraints, your cost proposal solution must not only be compliant but also responsive, competitive and convincing.

From the cost side, it is nearly impossible to have an impact on the technical proposal. But you can follow seven key basics that will go a long way to making your next proposal a winning cost proposal as well.

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